Friday, May 8, 2015

Choose Your Own Adventure

This adventure story is the introduction to the Series of Unfortunate Events stories by Lemony Sniket. I made this project using Keynote on the Mac. I made a tree map in Inspiration8. Then wrote that on Google Docs. Afterward I placed it in Keynote, add the buttons, and presented in class. This was a really fun project and I thank my teachers for that.

Friday, April 17, 2015

My Inspiration

Vionne Trizila

A lot of people inspire me, but the one that comes to my head the fastest is Vionne Trizila. Vionne is an inspiration to many students. She is a junior and loves to have fun. Her friends and school work are some of the most important things to her. She is a great inspiration to me in many ways. 

In school, Vionne is very busy because she is active in so many. She prefers fine arts over sports. She is the drum majorette. This is very impressive because the job is normally given to juniors and seniors. She got the chance to take on this big role when she was only a sophomore. Vionne is playing Ursula in the school musical “ The Little Mermaid Jr.” This is just one of the fine art programs that she is involved in. She is also part of the one act cast. And to top off all of this, she is on the student council as the treasurer.

Vionne also has many achievements, goals, and obstacles. One of her biggest goals is to travel the world. Her most proud achievements is becoming drum majorette. Vionne also has had many struggles and hardships in her life as well. Some of these include: one of her grandpa’s deaths, another grandpa’s open heart surgery, and finding out her mom had cancer. Even though all of this has happened she still had her friends to believe in her.

Vionne inspirers me in many ways but, to me, the one that stands out the most is her helpful drive. She show shows this everyday in opening the door, picking up someone’s books, or just being kind. She is also a great leader and friend.

Vionne is one of my biggest inspirations. She is inspired by her brothers, who always told her to “ Be your self, it will work the best. Embrace your personality.” Her advice to young people is “be nice.” and I would have to agree.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bucuresti, Romania

     As you walk through out the streets of Bucuresti, Romania, you will see museums of history and art, many beautiful gardens, and wonderful mountains and hills. You turn to the right and see the “Bucuresti History and Art Museum”, so you casually walk inside. As you go in to the great museum, you see art from painters many years ago and history of the city of Bucuresti. If you ever decide to go to Bucuresti, Romania, you need to know the history of the town, some of the great nature features, and the places you can visit.
     The first thing you will want to know is the history of the town. Bucuresti was founded by a shepherd  in the 1400’s, according to legend. The shepherd named was Bucur, which means “joy.” From 1400’s to the 1800’s, Romania was ruled by the Ottoman Empire and then the Russians. The town became the capital of Romania 1861.
     Once you know about the history of Bucuresti, you are ready to go sight seeing… for nature. Bucuresti and Romania both have great natural beauty. From the mountains to the parks and gardens, you will never see the same beauty anywhere else. The first thing that you would want to see is the Botanical Garden. The garden first opened in 1891. It features over 5000 plants from Romania and all over the world. Along with the mountains and gardens there are also some great parks. One of the most famous is Carol I Park. Which has a great lake and a wonderful view of the town. I hope you visit some of these natural sites.
     Although you may think there is nothing to do in and around the city of Bucuresti, you are wrong.  You can visit many great and informative museums, like the “Art Collections Museum” and the “Minovici Museum of Ancient Western Act.” You can also try some great wine and cheese, hike mountains, and see gardens. There are many great things to do in the city of Bucuresti.
     Most people won’t pick Bucuresti as their first choice of a travel destination, but I would. I hope knowing the history, some of the natural beauty and the great and wonderful things to do helps change your mind.

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Why I Want To Go To College

Why I Want to go to College
By: Samantha Bowland

         As written papers were handed back and Keynote presentations were being presented, I kept on seeing the same words over and over again. “You would be a great teacher.” “I see you being a teacher when you get older.” Then I started thinking about what it really meant and what I want to be when I grow up. I’ve thought about being a vet, a doctor, and a truck driver like my dad. Then I thought about those papers and grading notes and I realized that I would need to go college to find and achieve my goals of being a middle school math teacher.
         I have many goals for my future. One of these is to go to Nebraska Christian College in Papillion, NE. I will go and receive an Associate of Arts Degree in Christian Ministry. Another goal that I have is to go to Wayne State College and earn a degree in teaching. Once I have a degree in teaching, I will apply for a job at a school and hopefully I will be able to teach my favorite class, math. I hope to be able to achieve these goals.
         My education will help me reach my goal because without it I would not be able to follow my dream to be a middle school math teacher. If I had not gone to school, I would not be able to have my wonderful educators to inspire me. About a year ago, I started having trouble with turning in all my homework. My teachers may have been an upset, but they helped me pass 6th grade with A’s and B’s. Without them, I would probably still be in sixth grade. These teachers helped me remember to not give up but keep trying. I hope that when I become an educator I will have the same drive as my many teachers though out the years I have been in school.

         All in all, I hope that more colleges are founded and many students will have the opportunity to go to college. Having a good education is so helpful in the work force. It opens many doors for your future. Even if you don’t know what you want to be when you grow, still go to a college and earn a diploma because it will help you reach your goals.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Nebraska List Poem

     Middle of United States
Special Skills
     Farming all ground
Favorite colors-
   Red & White
Favorite food-
    Corn and beef
     Playing Football

Concrete poem

playing with friends

Persona Poem

My head hurts at the end of the day from dirty hands holding my head and neck
My hair gets shaved and broken
shaved and broken
My feet are worn at the end of the day from helping students with words
writing and erasing
writing and erasing
writing and erasing
When I am not in use I sit in a dark corner waiting to be used