Friday, April 17, 2015

My Inspiration

Vionne Trizila

A lot of people inspire me, but the one that comes to my head the fastest is Vionne Trizila. Vionne is an inspiration to many students. She is a junior and loves to have fun. Her friends and school work are some of the most important things to her. She is a great inspiration to me in many ways. 

In school, Vionne is very busy because she is active in so many. She prefers fine arts over sports. She is the drum majorette. This is very impressive because the job is normally given to juniors and seniors. She got the chance to take on this big role when she was only a sophomore. Vionne is playing Ursula in the school musical “ The Little Mermaid Jr.” This is just one of the fine art programs that she is involved in. She is also part of the one act cast. And to top off all of this, she is on the student council as the treasurer.

Vionne also has many achievements, goals, and obstacles. One of her biggest goals is to travel the world. Her most proud achievements is becoming drum majorette. Vionne also has had many struggles and hardships in her life as well. Some of these include: one of her grandpa’s deaths, another grandpa’s open heart surgery, and finding out her mom had cancer. Even though all of this has happened she still had her friends to believe in her.

Vionne inspirers me in many ways but, to me, the one that stands out the most is her helpful drive. She show shows this everyday in opening the door, picking up someone’s books, or just being kind. She is also a great leader and friend.

Vionne is one of my biggest inspirations. She is inspired by her brothers, who always told her to “ Be your self, it will work the best. Embrace your personality.” Her advice to young people is “be nice.” and I would have to agree.

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